Interview On AFR about Doxacon Seattle – Where Faith and Truth meets Science Fiction and Fantasy Aug 2014, Plan Now!

unnamed (4)

Bobby Maddex interviews Fr. David Subu and Daniel Silver about an upcoming event called Doxacon, which may very well be the first Orthodox conference on science fiction and fantasy. Here is the recent interview on Ancient Faith Radio:
Where Faith & Truth Meet Science Fiction & Fantasy–In Seattle!
What is Doxacon (FB)?  Ask no more. A group of west coast “Geek Orthodox” were inspired by last year’s invent and have officially announced “Doxacon Seattle” for August 22-24.  Doxacon Seattle Press Release and Announcement

“In the shadow of Mount Rainier, between the magnificent Cascades and the majestic Olympics, the Geek Orthodox of Seattle want you to join us for a weekend of services, presentations, and fellowship. Doxacon Seattle promises to be an amazing opportunity for learning and deepening our faith.

Hear talks about the spiritual dimensions of popular culture staples such as Star TrekHarry PotterBattlestar Galactica, or Firefly. Hear about the theological implications of Doctor WhoThe Lord of the Rings, or Babylon 5. Participate in some rousing and edifying discussion on topics such as children’s fantasy literature, gaming (tabletop and video), and the difference between Fantasy and fantasy. Won’t you please come to our shindig!

If you’re interested in attending or presenting, please contact us: at or call 805-689-2459.” (from Doxacon website)

For those on the east coast, the original Doxacon team, which will now be known as “Doxacon Prime”, are in the works for planning the next one in 2015 in the heart of Washington D.C. itself–yes, we will just walk, drive, or take Metro to Mordor! Plans are still in the beginning stages and once Doxacon Seattle has passed, we will release more information for Doxacon Prime 2015. For those who know they will attend Doxacon Prime 2015 and would like to be considered as a presenter, please email Doxacon Prime chair, Daniel Silver at with your topic of interest.
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Miraculous Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God to visit NW Parishes August 2014!

The “Kursk Root Icon will visit several parishes in the NW.  Below is an article and amended schedule from the Western American Diocese of ROCOR.  The full schedule is avail on website.   


 Please Note the Schedule has changed I am sorry for any confusion.  Thank you to Fr James for letting me know…..

Here is the current schedule:

Thursday, August 14 — New Martyrs of Russia OC, Mulino, OR

Friday, August 15 — Monastery of the All-Merciful Savior, Vashon Island, WA  

I am not sure of other changes.  I believe the arrival to the Cathedral is unchanged.

The “Kursk-Root” Icon Visits Parishes of the Western American Diocese

“The “Kursk-Root” Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos arrived in the Western American Diocese for the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, which convened from the 23 to the 30 of June this year.

While visiting the parishes of our diocese, the holy icon will remain within the borders of the Western American Diocese through the Feast of the Transfiguration, after which the icon will return to New York accompanied by her guardian, newly-consecrated Bishop Nicholas of Manhatten.

REMINDER: all of those charged with care of the “Kursk-Root” Icon while she is in the Western American Diocese must conform to the following regulations: “Kursk-Root Icon Rules “.

Visitation Schedule of Parishes by the “Kursk-Root” Icon: (Amended for NW by Editor)  Please call Parish prior to visit or visit website to make sure there have been no changes.  Editor.

Tuesday 5 Akathist St. Seraphim’s Church Boise, ID
Wednesday 6 house blessings St. Seraphim’s Church Boise, ID
Thursday 7 Akathist St. Siloaun’s Church Walla Walla, WA
Friday 8 Akathist St. John of Shanghai Church Kennewick, WA
Saturday 9 All-night Vigil St. George’s Church Salt Lake City, UT
Sunday 10 Liutrgy St. George’s Church Salt Lake City, UT
Monday 11 house blessings St. George’s Church Salt Lake City, UT
Wednesday 13 Akathist Church of New Martyrs of Russia Mulino, OR
Thursday 14 Akathist St. Innocent’s Church Rogue River, OR
Friday 15 Akathist Church of St. Martin of Tours Corvallis, OR
Saturday 16 Liturgy Monastery of the All-Merciful Savior Vashon Island, WA
Saturday 16 All-night Vigil St. Nicholas Cathedral Seattle, WA
Sunday 17 Liturgy St. Nicholas Cathedral Seattle, WA

Курско-Коренной иконы Божией Матери.“-website of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

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Holy Hand of St Anna from Mt Athos at St Joachim and Anna Parish, Seattle thru July 26, 2014

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“Orthodoxy in America Pilgrimage” with Fr Seraphim of St Nicholas Tacoma Oct, 2014 Plan Now!

Orthodoxy in America Pilgrimage with Fr. Seraphim!  Plan Now.

Fr Seraphim Majmudar, pastor of St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Tacoma, Washington, will be leading this pilgrimage.

Orthodoxy in America Pilgrimage pdf

Orthodoxy in America Pilgrimage (1)

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New edition of Spiritual Spring/Весна духовная Dedicated to St John of SF Get Your Copy Now!

Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia: Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarit-sa Alexandra, Crown Prince Alexis, and Grand-duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia, and those martyred with them (1918).

Spiritual Spring (FB) the journal of the Western American Diocese of ROCOR is a a great resource to any parish regardless of jurisdiction especially for reaching out to those of Slavic background.  It is a bilingual magazine, with a beautiful layout, well written articles, that are both informative and inspiring.  I heartily endorse it.  Editor

“The Diocesan Journal “Spiritual Spring”

Just over a year ago a new journal appeared – “Spiritual Spring” – an official medium of the Western American Diocese.

“Spiritual Spring” is a periodical addressed not only to members of the Orthodox faith but anyone interested in learning more about Russia’s spiritual heritage. The magazine provides a variety of perspectives and experiences, appealing to a broad range of interests and demographics. Thematically, the journal covers all aspects of Orthodoxy in the modern world. Readers can find answers to issues they face in everyday life while enjoying a deeper exploration of Christianity’s rich and multifaceted history. The versatility of the magazine’s design seeks to strike a balance between the modern and secular world in a way which is uniquely Russian Orthodox yet accessible to readers with other beliefs, as well as those who are simply curious.”  An excerpt from the website.



“This special Commemorative Edition of our journal is wholly dedicated to the life and legacy of St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, just in time for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of his glorification from 27th-29th June 2014. The special edition is 131 pages long, and features never-before published correspondence between St. John and his parents and family; new photographs; historical reminiscenses and interviews with children raised by St John, as well as others; accounts of the opening of his incorrupt relics; news about current activities and associations that carry on his legacy; stories of St. John for children; and much, much more.

Supplies are limited, so order your copies now!”  (from website)

10376832_728409510553558_1682719825368436356_nTo subscribe or to order the commemorative issue to St. John click here:

Holy Hierarch John Pray to God for us!

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Sunday Snapshot: CONCERT IZVORUL at Biserica Ortodoxa Sfanta Maria Romanian Orthodox

Biserica Ortodoxa Sfanta Maria (FB) in Portland, Oregon  hosted a concert prior to Pascha this year.  OrtodoxPortland posted a video of the event:  Enjoy the Romanian singing is lovely!




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Sunday Snapshot Portland Mariam Annual Celebration – June 28th, 2014


Eve of the Synaxis of the Holy, Glorious and All-praised Twelve Apostles:

Saint Gebriel Ethiopian Church (FB) in Seattle, Washington, featured a Mariam celebration in Portland, Oregon on June 28th, 2014.  I apologize for not letting you know ahead of time.  I was not aware of it prior.  Here is the video.  Enjoy.  The faith of the Ethiopians is inspiring.  May the Lord heal our divisions.

There is a Portland Ethiopian Church; St Mary’s Ethiopian at 7715 SE 92nd, 503 356 0932.  If anyone knows of its web page please let me know. Ty.


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Opa! Greek Festival at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Missoula, Montana July 12, 2014

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Missoula, Montana (FB) is having their Greek Festival!




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“Πρώτη φορά νονός / First Time Godfather” Presented By The Hellenic-American Cultural Center & Museum in Portland July 12th, 2014


Hellenic-American Cultural Center & Museum (HACCM) (FB) and Holy Trinity Cathedral      Portland, Oregon (FB). present:


Proti fora Nonos flyer for Summer 2014

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KLIROS Auditions, Sunday, July 6, 2014 at St Nicholas in Portland, OR

Hat tip to OrthodoxPortland!

KLIROS  (FB), Portland’s semi-professional mixed chorus specializing in Orthodox liturgical music, will host auditions for new singers Sunday, July 6 at 6pm, St. Nicholas Church, (FB) 2210 SW Dolph Court, Portland, Oregon.

Singers should be adept at music reading and experienced in choral singing. Interested singers can contact Tracey Edson (Rdr. John), Director, at / 503-421-0488 for more information.

Singers are joined by members of Capella Romana, as well as other professional singers.

KLIROS will be singing Great Vespers for the holy martyrs Probus, Tarachus & Adronichus, Saturday, October 11, 6pm at St. Nicholas with music composed by Tchaikovsky.  Ordinary service parts in Slavonic, propers in English.

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NW Greek Open Golf Tourney-Seattle, July 18th, 2014

NW Greek Open Golf Tournament – July 18 



The 2014  St. Demetrios “NW Greek Open 2014″ golf tournament will be at Redmond Ridge Golf Course on Friday July 18, 2014.  greekopenflyer2014


The charities benefiting from this event will be:

  • The Boyer Children’s Clinic is a non-profit therapy and early childhood educational facility located in Seattle, serving children from birth to teen years who have neuromuscular disorders such as cerebral palsy or delay in development.
  • The Philanthropia Foundation an Orthodox Christian non-profit  organization providing senior housing in the Seattle community.
  • St. John the Forerunner Greek Orthodox Monastery at Goldendale, Washington to provide funds for construction of a chapel.

Greek dinner follows golf. $150 Player Fee/$100 for players under 30 includes Golf, Cart, Range Balls, Raffle Prizes and Greek Dinner.

$500 Sponsor Fee which will entitle you, your family or firm to a Hole Sponsorship Sign prominently placed at one of the holes.
Please provide player list and full color logo as you would like it displayed on the sign in .eps or .jpeg no later than July 8 to or

Payment options include

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“A Cold Age” A Reflection by Fr Farley of St Hermans in Surrey, BC

A Cold Age.” is a reflection recently ran on the OCA website written by the NW own Fr Farley of St Herman of Alaska Parish in Surrey, BC.  Fr Farley is a busy Priest here is an excerpt from the OCA website:


Fr Lawrence as pictured on the Parish website.

“Fr. Lawrence is the author of many books including the Bible Study Companion Series,  Let Us Attend: A Journey through the Orthodox Divine Liturgy, and A Daily Calendar of Saints. He has also written a series of Akathists published by Alexander Press, and his articles have appeared in numerous publications.

Fr. Lawrence has a podcast each weekday on Ancient Faith Radio called Coffee Cup Commentaries, and writes monthly forSounding, the blog of Orthodox Christian Network. He has given a number of parish retreats in the U.S. and Canada, as well as being a guest-lecturer yearly at Regent College in Vancouver. Father lives in Surrey with his wife Donna; he and Matushka Donna have two grown daughters and two grandchildren. He regularly updates his blog, “Straight From the Heart.”

“Comparing our own age to those of previous ones (and even our own North American culture to other contemporary cultures) reveals what is perhaps the defining characteristic of our society—its coldness.  Men and women in previous ages sang while they worked, and while they walked down the road.  They greeted strangers in the street, and asked God’s peace upon them.  They retired and rose with the sun—and awoke refreshed.  It was normal even to arise at midnight to pray.”  An excerpt from his reflection.  Just click and read the full item on the OCA website it is not long.

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Oregon Bach Festival-Sacred Music Performing June-July, 2014

Apostles Fast

Oregon Bach Festival presents Sacred Music:


(use coupon code “Sacred”)

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Two Icon Workshops with Deacon Matthew Garrett Coming Up in Montana: August 11-15th, and Sept 1-5 2014

Two Icon Workshops with the NW’s own  Deacon Matthew Garrett are coming up in Montana:

Eureka poster 2014

Eureka poster 2014

The August Workshop at St Nicholas of South Canaan, in Billings Montana. was posted earlier in the year so here is a reminder:  Billings-poster-2014

Billings poster 2014

From a Previous Post:  The Idaho Statesman had a front page article on Nov 5, 2011 about the Northwest’s own Boise Iconographer Deacon Matthew Garrett entitled; “Faces of faith: Orthodox Christian iconographer in Boise is part of an ancient tradition.”  More of his work can be seen by visiting his website Holy Icons, and his blog-Holy Icons an Iconographers blog.  He also just published a book “Sanctify those Who Love the Beauty of Thy House” image on the right.  “More than a Piece of Art” is another article on Mr. Garrett and his Iconography that was done for a Church in West Virginia by the  Register Herald in Beckley, WV.

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From Ocean to Ocean Pilgrimage In Defense of Human Life Bringing a Copy of the “Black Madonna Icon to Kirkland Wa July 9-10th

AfterFeast of Pentecost St. Macrina, grandmother of St. Basil the Great (4th c.)

The From Ocean to Ocean Pilgrimage In Defense of Human Life brings “a replica of the  world-famous “Black Madonna” icon (also known as Our Lady of Czestochowa) to Seattle’s Eastside in early July. The visit is one stop in a global pilgrimage that began in January 2012 and has encompassed 26 countries so far. The icon reached the U.S. in August 2013, and will continue to Central and South America after leaving the U.S. In Kirkland the icon will be displayed at St. Katherine Orthodox Church, 14216 132nd Ave, N.E., Kirkland, WA 98034, for two events – an Akathist (prayer service) on Wednesday evening, July 9 at 7 pm, and a Divine Liturgy Thursday morning, July 10 at 9 am.

This is part of a global tour of this magnificent replica icon, which is on a pilgrimage to visit Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches throughout the U.S., Europe, Russia, and Latin America. The purpose of the tour is to strengthen Orthodox and Catholic unity in defense of human life, and to increase awareness among the faithful for the urgency of the cause. Human Life International (HLI), a Catholic pro-life organization, is sponsoring the North American leg of the tour. Orthodox leaders, including Metropolitan Tikhon of the Orthodox Church in America and Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church, have endorsed the pilgrimage…”Black Madonna-StKatherineOrthodoxChurch-Press Release,  St.Katherine Orth Church-Icon Visit flyer

An explanation of the reason for the Pilgrimage here.  The Didaches ( teaching of the 12 on of the oldest Christian documents) teaching on how a Christian should live here.


Czestochowa Icon Image - Version 2

St.Katherine Orth Church-Icon Visit flyer

This Video shows the arrival to the Russian Cathedral in London.  (Not very good video quality)

Links in support of the Right to Life:

“All the sins against humanity, abortion, euthanasia, war, violence, and victimization of all kinds, are the results of depersonalization.” Excerpt of ArchPastoral Message  Metropolitan Jonah 2009

22 Week old during operation to repair Spina Bifida

22 Week old during operation to repair Spina Bifida

Please note OrthodoxNorthwest holds to Church tradition and does not advocate Joint prayer services with non Orthodox Christians.  But honoring the Mother of God in an Icon revered in East and West and asking for her assistance in pricking our consciences and turning us from darkness to light, seems only right.  Indeed the Roman Catholics in their efforts in support of the unborn has put us to shame.  Editor

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St John the Forerunner Monastery will be Celebrating their Feast Day June 23 – 24th, 2014

Day of the Holy Spirit

St John the Forerunner Monastery in Goldendale, Washington is celebrating their Feast Day all are invited.  If you have never visited the Monastery, I recommend it.  The kindness, faith and prayerfulness of the Sisterhood never fails to impress and encourage one’s own dedication to Our Lord, and the wish to “fight the good fight.”   Feastday Invitation 2014.1docx

Feastday Invitation 2014.1docx


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Sunday Snapshot: Ordination to the Holy Priesthood at St Silouan’s Walla Walla WA, June 1st, 2014

Joyous Pentecost to All!

Deacon Silouan was ordained to the Priesthood at St Silouan Orthodox Church in Walla Walla, Washington by Abp. Kyrill on Sunday June 1, 2014 / May 19, 2014
Seventh Sunday of Pascha: The Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council.  (If more pictures become available they will be added)  Many Years!!!

2014-05-31 Fr. Silouan's Ordination 043_2

Abp Kyrill blessing with Fr Athanasius and the newly ordained Fr Silouan on abp left. Many Years Fr Silouan !!! Photo courtesy of John C. -many thanks and all rights reserved.


2014-05-31 Fr. Silouan's Ordination 048_2

Many Years Fr Silouan !!! Photo courtesy of John C. -many thanks and all rights reserved.

From a previous post:  Fr Silouan and St Silouan Parish were featured in a brief overview video by a student at Whitman College.  Commentary is provided by the parish Deacon Fr  Silouan.

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A Joyous Pentecost to All! 2014

A Joyous Pentecost and Spirit Week to All!


The Descent of the Holy  Spirit Icon.

The Descent of the Holy
Spirit Icon.  Image from Wikepedia.

Pentecost, Troparion, Tone VIII —
Blessed art Thou, Christ our God, Who didst make the fishermen wise by sending down upon them the Holy Spirit, and through them didst draw the world into Thy net. Lover of men, glory to Thee.

Kontakion, Tone VIII —
When the Most High came down and confused the tongues, He divided the nations, but when He distributed the tongues of fire, He called all to unity. And with one accord we glorify the All-Holy Spirit.


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СРПСКИ ДАНИ/Serbian Days June 7-8, 2014 at St Michael in Burnaby, BC, Canada

The Parish of St Michael the Archangel/

unnamed (2)


unnamed (1)


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“Return to Nisyros” An Art Exhibit Sponsored by The Hellenic-American Cultural Center & Museum in Portland June 6th, 2014


Hellenic-American Cultural Center & Museum (HACCM) (FB)

We are pleased to announce a new exhibit coming in June to the Hellenic-American Cultural Center & Museum. Native Oregonian artist Sharon McNeil, currently professor at the Savannah (Georgia) College of Art and Design has roots in Salem. She presents samples of her oil paintings influenced by her stay on the island of Nisyros. The opening reception for “Return to Nisyros” is Friday, June 6th at 7 pm. Her paintings will remain on display through September and will be available for sale. See attached flyer for more information.”
ReturntoNisyrosFlyer (1)
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