New CD of Old Rite Divine Liturgy in traditional Znamenny Chant

This CD of traditional Znamenny Chant is a wonderful resource for Choir Directors, and those interested in the ancient Russian Tradition.  Striking is the similarity to the Chants of Mt Athos, strong, masculine, austere, and fervent.  Reminiscent of a Byzantine Icon.  -Editor.  Additionally, per Nikita, the sound recording engineer for this CD, the Parish is working on an Eight Tone Teaching CD available in Lent of 2011.

per the website:

New Recording for Sale

The Russian Old Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in Znamenny Chant

The Church of Our Lord’s Ascension in Gervais, Oregon, a parish of priested Old Believers under Archbishop Sofronii (jurisdiction of the Belokrinitsa Hierarchy of Old Believers, based in Braila, Romania), is pleased to announce the release of their first recording: a 2-CD set entitled “The Russian Old Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in Znamenny Chant.” The entire service is sung in Church Slavonic. We have recorded the complete Divine Liturgy (sung in unison by a men’s ensemble) for a typical Sunday, including three additional selections of alternate melodies. The chanters are a select ensemble of choir members from our parish: Rev. Porfiri Toran, Fr. Deacon Nikita Toran, Ivan Chesnokov, George Chesnokov, Paul Chesnokov and David Toran. The recording and production was done by Nikita Syrnikov (Simmons). Ordering and  additional Audio samples of 6 tracks may be heard here.

Here is a sample of  Psalm 102 (Special Melody, Tone 5: Rejoice).

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3 Responses to New CD of Old Rite Divine Liturgy in traditional Znamenny Chant

  1. Dear Fathers,

    I do not carry the CD, I simply posted about it. The information to order the CD is in the post. I will email you personally and give you the info u need. I pray that the breach between Old Believers and the rest of the Orthodox may be quickly healed. Wishing you the best and asking your prayers.

  2. Charlie says:

    Is it possible to purchase the Old Rite Of the Mystical Supper Divine Liturgy Znamey Chant? Thank you!

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