What do 2 Faithful and a Priest equal?

Answer:  A Mission!

The Dillon Montana Orthodox Mission had its first Divine Liturgy Bright Saturday April 2010  served by Fr Russell Radoicich Pastor of the historic and beautifully frescoed Holy Trinity in Butte, Montana.  The mission is the impetus of two faithful the rest are inquirers.  They are currently having Vespers on Friday and Liturgy on Saturday once every 3 months with an inquirers class monthly.  Bishop Maxim has already visited Dillon once and taught an Inquirers class.  Fr Russell is a very devoted Priest reaching out to several small groups of Orthodox Christians including the Helena and Kalispell missions and the Deerlodge mens prison which are located in far flung locations in this immense state.  He is often accompanied by a reader and a few people from Butte to help sing the responses.   The Mission is small and could probably use assistance though they were too polite to ask.

Their first Presanctified Liturgy will be celebrated in Dillon on Friday April 1st at 6 pm, on the UMW campus, upstairs in the Swysgood Technology Center.  “Come join us!     Inquiry classes or worship services are held every month.”

Please see their website for a slide show and more info.  Orthodox Montana also has some pictures from the Dormition Liturgy in Dillon.

The contact persons for this mission are:
John Xanthopoulos at (406) 660-0558, j_xant@yahoo.com
Toni Sullivan at (406) 865-0081, bar-os@zipmt.com

When asked, “what do the missions need?” Fr Russell did say; “the Dillon parish, is in need of, Everything!  They are especially in need of 4 large Icons for the portable Iconostasis.”  (I am sure they can use Analogions, Service books, robes, etc…  ed.)  The Kalispell satellite also “has nothing but faith, desire, joy and ambition” (not a bad start-ed.). They will soon  have their own portable Iconostasis made by Holy Trinity in Butte so they wont have to share Dillons.  They also need 4 large Icons to start, and everything else!   Helena’s mission St Moses the Strong is further along and has a catechumenate.  Paraphasing Fr Russell,  he said he would welcome anyone who would like to help, its not just work, it is fun and joyous helping a mission.  For anyone who would like to help in anyway please contact Fr Russell;   rradoici@yahoo.com

View of the Sanctuary for Dillon Montanas first Divine Liturgy

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5 Responses to What do 2 Faithful and a Priest equal?

  1. Patty Joanna says:

    Please be sure to get this posted on Orthodoxyinamerica.org. This is a very helpful tool for those involved in evangelism. My main frustration is the availability of local parishes for inquirers to attend. Your posting your local missions will help.

    • Patty thank you for the suggestion I will see if I can do that. I agree we definitely need more missions, outreach, prayer and I would add charitable activities. What I found truly inspiring by this very brief and limited look at a mission is the faith and dedication of both the laity and the clergy working together. Fr Russell was kind enough to write more about the general mission approach of the Serbian Diocese and I just could not fit it all in at this time. I need to give it a post on its own. I do plan to follow up on this and other missions. If you like the article please feel free to share it, I do ask you state its origin and link it. Oh and if I may ask, help spread the word on this site and please keep OrthoNW informed of future events the site is only worthwhile if it has readers and submitters. Thank you again for the suggestion and for taking the time to write it is rewarding to know that people are actually reading the site! Anthony -ed PS May I ask what parish you attend in the NW?

  2. Germanus+ Strand says:

    Greetings and Glory to the Lord for all things!
    I would like to include some information about our own chapel (The Chapel of Two Saints) in Florence, Oregon. We are supported by our mother parish St. John the Wonerworker in Eugene, Or. (also under Bishop Maxim). Our mission celebrates a weekly Vespers, 6th Hour services, and bi-weekly Typika Service. As of yet these services are priestless, but we hope that as inquirers and the faithful who visit the area find out about our chapel, we will have the opportunity to have our Priest visit for a Divine Liturgy.
    Our chapel is in need of many things, especially dividing screens, altar, and large Icons.

    Those that would like to visit can contact us at 541-997-1819

    Currently Divine Liturgy is held at St. John the Wonderworker’s Orthodox Church in Eugene, Oregon.

    In Christ, Germanus+

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