E.P. announces long awaited 8th Council to be held in Portland

Truly some of the more exciting news for today.  This was verified by several news sources.

Constantinople:  The Ecumenical Patriarch flanked by Senior Bishops and Representatives of several Sister Orthodox Churches announced the long awaited 8th Ecumenical Council.  He stated it was time.  Negotiations and preparations which have been taking place are finally complete, the world and the Church can wait no longer.  He joyfully announced it would take place in the great city of  Portland.  “After much consultation it was decided to not have it in a Traditional Orthodox site, where too much interference could be expected.  Besides Portland has excellent Greek Food, a good public transportation system, it’s a very green city, and few people would notice a lot of men walking around all in black robes.”  The government of Ataturk has not released a statement at this time.  The Patriarch would not release details of the agenda except to say the size of crowns will be addressed, and possibly a more just price for Prosphora.  “A dollar a loaf is unchanged since 1963, but the work remains the same.”  In closing he prayed “it would be like opening a window of the Church and letting some fresh air in.”  The opening date of the Sobor is scheduled for April 1st, 2012. – Pravda

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10 Responses to E.P. announces long awaited 8th Council to be held in Portland

  1. Lisa B says:

    You got me!!!!

  2. took the bait did ya? How long did it take before you realized it was not all it claimed to be?

  3. Patty Joanna says:

    You got me, too. This was almost as bad as the year that my husband told me that the Denver Broncos had traded away John Elway. I got him back though, when I told him he had been put in charge of his “stovetop” baseball league. :0)

  4. Nancy says:

    Yeah, I fell for it too!

    • Excellent! I would like to know how many others fell for it. I tried to make it rather obvious, the hardest part was not to say something that would hit too close to home. There are a few Zingers some obvious and a couple less so in the post. Anthony

  5. Steven Clark says:

    With respect to his holiness, it is his right and prerogative to call a council of all the Church. However, it is not he that gets to decide if it is an Ecumenical Council.

  6. Steven Clark says:

    in other words … … … you got me

  7. Michael Woerl says:

    Well, I won’t say ‘you got me,’ because you didn’t! It is just sad that this event will be held at all . . . look up the opinion of St Justin (Popovich) of Chelie concerning this so-called “8th Council.” He says it will only lead to heresy, schism, and division . . . which is quite obvious …

  8. Feast of the Annunciation

    Καλη Σαρρακοστη! Man proposes and God disposes. An eighth council I would not worry, or hold my breath. Let us cooperate with grace that God gives us today, let us really hear the Goodnews/the Gospel and share it with others, and the things we cannot control, let us let go of.

    May the great St Justin pray for us all and help us to live a fully Orthodox Christian life. AYP Anthony

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