Picnic Organizat de Romanii Ortodocsi din Seattle cu Scopul Stangerii de Fonduri Pentru Cladirea Bisericii

Picnic Organizat de Romanii din Seattle pentru strangerea de fonduri in vedearea inaltarii  mult doriteibisericii
Parohia Romana “Sfinti Trei Ierarhi” au organizat  in 9 iulie,2011 un picnic  cu strangerea  de fonduri pentruinaltarea mult doritei Bisericii  colectand peste $27,000.
Acest picnic, a fost gazduit cu generozitate de Biserica  St. Sava din Issaquah care de asemeni planuiestesa inalte o noua biserica care va gazdui actuala comunitatea sarba orthodoxa si nu numai.
Parintele Ilija de la Biserica Gazda si Parintele Ioan Catana au slujit impreuna slujba de Vecernie.
In present, Biserica Romana celebreaza Sf Liturghie in cladirea bisericii “Sf Spiridon” din Seattlle.
Mai multe Informatii pot fi gasite pe websidul bisericii/facebook.   (Un alt picnic este planificat pe 27 August, 2011 cu acelasi scop de strangere de fonduri pentru noua biserica.)

The Romainian parish of Sfintti Trei Ierarhi on July 9th had a large fundraiser for the building of the their new Church collecting over $27,000.  This large picnic fundraiser was graciously hosted by St Sava Parish in Issaquah which is also planning a new Church to accomodate all its members.  Fr Ilija of the Serbian Parish and Fr Ioan Cătană concelebrated Vespers together that evening.  The Parish currently Celebrates Divine Liturgy at St Spiridons in Seattle.  More information on the Picnic and the Parish can be found on its website & Facebook.  (Another picnic is planned for the 27th of August)  Many Thanks/Va multumim frumos (I hope I got that right) to Florena Dutu for translating and all her help on this post.

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An Orthodox Christian, whose interests also include, GO, Square Dancing, hiking, exploring, swimming, kayaking, cooking, history, board games. I am the Editor of OrthodoxNorthwest which I hope benefits readers in the NW. I do post Romanian, Greek and Slavic info but I cannot read any of them - hey, I am an American. Would appreciate hearing from readers of the blog. Χριστός Ανέστη! (Anthony) editorOrthodoxNorthwest@gmail.com
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