Washington State Orthodox Clergy Issue Statement in Defense of Marriage

Washington Clergy issued a  statement (PR1 1-27-12 Same Sex Union Bill pdf) in defense of Marriage.  Washington State is currently pushing thru efforts to legalize people of the same gender getting “married.”  Similarly the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America just published;  “A Record of Protest against the Infringement of Religious Liberty by the Dept of Health and Human Services.”

“For this country, its authorities, and all who in faith and piety dwell therein and in every country, let us pray to the Lord.   Lord have Mercy.” -Great Litany.

About editorOrthodoxNorthwest

An Orthodox Christian, whose interests also include, GO, Square Dancing, hiking, exploring, swimming, kayaking, cooking, history, board games. I am the Editor of OrthodoxNorthwest which I hope benefits readers in the NW. I do post Romanian, Greek and Slavic info but I cannot read any of them - hey, I am an American. Would appreciate hearing from readers of the blog. Χριστός Ανέστη! (Anthony) editorOrthodoxNorthwest@gmail.com
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