Man of the Shroud Exhibits on the Shroud of Turin with Guest Speakers Chris Knabenshue, Phillip Wiebe, and Barry Schwartz

Sunday of The Triumph of Orthodoxy

The Christos Aχειροποίητα or ‘Christ-not-made-by-hand’, a much revered 12th century Russian Orthodox icon, celebrates the miracle in which Jesus healed King Abgar of Edessa by sending him an image of his face imprinted on a piece of linen cloth. Such an icon is said to have been “written” by the word of God, not painted by a person.

The Vancouver Shroud Association is currently having an exhibit on the Shroud of Turin that is running from March 1st -7th and one coming up March 26th.  Please note they would be happy to sponsor an exhibit at an Orthodox Church if any are interested.

  • March 1-7, 2012 St. Mary’s Catholic Church 5251 Joyce Street, E. Vancouver, BC (1 block south of Joyce Skytrain Stn)• For more information please call 604-435-9611 (ext. 4) or email
  • • FREE ADMISSION. Cash or cheque donation to “St. Mary’s” appreciated with tax receipts for donations of $20 or more.

Presentations by Shroud Scholars

Exhibit Hours

  • • Weekdays: 10 am-4 pm, 6-9 pm
  • • Saturday/Sunday: 9 am-4 pm, 6-9 pm

Presentation Times

  • • Friday, Mar 2 – 7:45 pm (Chris Knabenshue)
  • • Saturday, Mar 3 – 11 am (Dr. Phillip Wiebe), 6 pm (Chris Knabenshue)
  • • Sunday, Mar 4 – 1 pm, 6 pm (Chris Knabenshue)
  • • Monday, Mar 5 – 10 am, 12 pm noon (Chris Knabenshue)

Hungarian Pray Manuscript- showing crucifixion through the wrists, and the unique Herring Bone Weave of the Shroud.

Presentations by Shroud Scholars

  • • Barrie Schwortz – “34 Years of Shroud Science: A Personal Perspective” (bio)
  • • Phillip Wiebe, Ph.d. – “The Shroud of Turin: 100 Years of Science and History”

Exhibit Hours

  • • Monday, March 26 – 1 pm – 4 pm; 6 pm – 9:30 pm
  • • Tuesday – Friday – l0 am – 4 pm; 6 pm – 9:30 pm
  • • Saturday – l0 am – 4:30 pm; 6 pm 7 pm

Presentation Times

  • • Wednesday – Friday – 10 am, 1 pm, 7 pm (Barrie Schwortz)
  • • Saturday – 1 pm – (Dr. Phillip Wiebe), 4:30 pm (Barrie Schwortz)

The Vancouver Shroud Association (VSA) exhibit features the following:

  1. Actual sized photographic reproduction of the Turin Shroud, similar to that pictured on this website;
  2. An interpretive map including many of the features visible on the Shroud that allows viewers to read the impressions on the cloth;
  3. Replicas of instruments to torture used in crucifixion by the ancient Romans as described in the Gospels;
  4. Replica of the Santo Caliz (Holy Chalice of Valencia) thought to be the cup used at the Last Supper & replica of the Sudarium (Cloth of Oviedo);
  5. 29 panels, each individually mounted for easy viewing. The titles of these 7’ high museum boards detail the history, science, art and significance of the Shroud.”

The Shroud of Turin it's negative image.

Shroud Museum Board Titles

  • What is the Shroud of Turin?
  • Evidence from the Gospels
  • Secondo Pia’s Photography and the Shroud
  • Timeline of the Shroud (three panels)
  • Damage to the Shroud
  • The Three Fires
  • The Crucifixion According to the Shroud
  • The Shroud of Turin and Christian Art
  • The Sudarium of Oviedo and the Man of the Shroud
  • The Holy Face of Edessa and the Shroud of Constantinople: A Theory (two panels)
  • John Paul 11 on the Shroud of Turin
  • Popes and the Shroud
  • Properties of the Shroud of Turin (view s ample)
  • Carbon Dating of the Shroud
  • The 1978 Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) Team
  • The Pollen Evidence of the Shroud
  • Flower Images and the Shroud
  • Images of Coins on the Shroud
  • Forensic Pathology and the Shroud (view sample)
  • The Formation of the Shroud Image
  • The Shroud and the Resurrection (two panels)
  • A Summary of the Shroud’s Characteristics (two panels)

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