A Joyous Feast of St John of Shanghai and San Francisico to All! Images from the Celebration in Seattle!

Feast of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco the Miracle-worker

Listen to the Troparion to St John from the Men’s Chorus in San Francisco here.

Vigil at the July 2012 Feast of St John the MiracleWorker in the room of his repose now a chapel dedicated to the Saint in the Seattle Cathedral of St Nicholas. (Photo courtesy of Sergei Kalfov – All Rights Reserved)

Thank you once again to Mr Sergei Kalfov for sharing some pictures of the Feast Day of St John of Shanghai and San Francisco with services July, 2012 in the Chapel of his repose.  Complete photos can be seen in his Picasa Album or the St Nicholas FB Page.

Some of the Faithful in the tiny Chapel Feast of St John 2012. Worshippers have to stand in the hall or in the room across from the Chapel. The lack of “proper space” does nothing to diminish the prayerfulness of the area. (Photo courtesy of Sergei Kalfov- All rights Reserved)

More info on St John can be found here.

Feast of St John 2012 Worshippers in the room across from the Chapel/Room of Repose. As noted in the picture above the actual room of repose is a small room that has been converted into a Chapel. (Photos Courtesy of Sergei Kalfov -All rights Reserved)

Other Parishes dedicated to St John in the Northwest include:

St John of Shanghai Orthodox Church in Vancouver, BC,

St. John Orthodox Church-Kennewick, WA

Clergy at the Trapeza after the Celebration at St John’s in Kennewick. More photo’s can be seen on their Facebook Page. Just click on the photo. (Since it was posted and shared on FB I assumed permission and included it here as well) ROCOR, the OCA and Antiochans are all represented in this photo.

St. John the WonderWorker Serbian Orthodox Church – Eugene, OR

Parishes that St John served at while Bishop of the West include:  (If anyone knows of additional parishes he served at or has pictures they would like to share of St John please let me know.  I wonder, in particular, if he served at any of the Greek Parishes or Holy Trinity Serbian Parish in Montana)  Please note that the Diocese of the West did not include BC at that time, nor does it now.

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral/СВЯТО-НИКОЛАЕВСКИЙ КАФЕДРАЛЬНЫЙ СОБОР – Seattle, WA

Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church/РУССКИЙ ПРАВОСЛАВНЫЙ ХРАМ СВЯТОЙТРОИЦЫ-Vancouver, BC

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church/Русская Православная Церковь Святого Николая-Vancouver, BC  ( I am not sure if he served at this Parish but I believe it was under his Omophor-I stand happily corrected Canada was never under St John TY; to Sergei Kalfov.)

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2 Responses to A Joyous Feast of St John of Shanghai and San Francisico to All! Images from the Celebration in Seattle!

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  2. Thank you to Sergei Kalfov for bringing me a little up to speed on the history of the Diocese:

    “St John visited both ROCOR churches in Vancouver, but they were never under his diocese…. At the time of his repose, his diocese was western america, excluding Los angeles which was a separate diocese under archbishop anthony (not the same Anthony who had the diocese after st john reposed…). Once that archbishop anthony died, the la diocese and parishes were incorporated into the larger western archdiocese.

    For a short time, a few years back, Canada was divided east and west due to a hierarchical vacancy where arb Kyrill had western Canada under his omophorion ”

    Thank you again Sergei!

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