A Few Words and Images From a Pilgrim at the Goldendale Monastery FeastDay

Nuns on the Feast Day 2012. ( Courtesy of Herman, All Rights Reserved)

A few words and photos about the Monastery of St John the Forerunner in Goldendale, WA  on the Monastery’s Feast Day-The Nativity of St John the Forerunner.  From one who was there-thank you Herman.


“The Feast Day was gorgeous as always.  Great excitement as people saw the new church being built and Bishop Gerasimos told Gerrontissa Efpraxia that next year he wants to celebrate the feast with them in the new building. And a call to all the faithful to make sure that it happens.”  Herman

New Church being built. (Courtesy of Herman, All Rights Reserved)

My favorite. ( Courtesy of Herman All rights Reserved)

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2 Responses to A Few Words and Images From a Pilgrim at the Goldendale Monastery FeastDay

  1. Ilma says:

    Hi, what drew my attention to the sisters was their outfits. As a Muslim, I dress in a long black gown, but always have uncomfortable looks given to me in public places. However, what I did notice that with the sisters out fit, although similar in appearance was more accepting in the general society. I saw this many times at many local and international airports as well!
    The knowledgeable one!

    • Greetings and Salaam Ilma,

      Thank you for taking the time to make a comment. Orthodox Monks and Nuns both generally wear black full coverings. The main difference being that the Women Monastics wear a hair covering, the men do wear a head covering at times but it does not encompass the face. Also the Male Monastics grow beards. Traditionally Orthodox Christians, like other Christians and most cultures wore modest clothing appropriate for men and women. It is only of late that these standards have been lost and need to be recovered. On a personal note I am always inspired and impressed by the devotion of some Moslems who choose to wear modest, clothing that reflects their belief and devotion to God. I do not know that in the US, Orthodox Monastics get more acceptance in their clothing than Moslems. I have known several Priests and Monastics, who have been derided, questioned, and ridiculed for their attire. Also more than a few have stated people thought they were Moslem, sometimes even while wearing a large Cross. Ironic is it not?

      Thank you again for writing I wish you the best. May God bless you.


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