The Greek American Historical Museum of Washington State is Sponsoring an Essay Competition Submissions due by Oct 15th

PURPOSE:  The Greek-American Historical Museum of Washington State is sponsoring a competition that will provide a means by which stories of the Greek and Greek-American experience in Washington State will be documented.  A number of young people have prepared similar documents and the intent is to encourage these inspirational stories.  For more information about the Museum, please visit

AWARDS:     First Prize:       $1,000.00
Second Prize:   $500.00
Third Prize:       $250.00

Winning entries will become part of the collection of the Greek-American Historical Museum of Washington State and may be posted on its web site or submitted to Greek and Hellenic publications in the United States.  Entries may also be submitted by the author for academic credit.

SUBMISSIONS:  Entries may be written essays, video, audio or photographic presentations with narrative (prose or poetry) of up to 2000 words and/or not to exceed half an hour.  Successful entries will demonstrate creativity, originality, thorough research and documentation of sources.  While Internet research may be helpful, direct contact with original documents, photos and individuals is recommended.  Interviews with family members, relatives and friends are encouraged.

CONTENT: Submissions may include but need not be limited to the topics below.
*  Stories of your family’s immigration and reasons for their departure.
*  Describe why your grandparents/parents/other family members decided to settle in
*  Describe the contributions your grandparents/parents/other relatives have made in the
USA you believe are important.
*  Stories you remember about your family that relate to Greek culture
*  Why should we be concerned about maintaining Greek culture in the USA?
*  How has your Greek background or culture influenced your life?
*  Why is it important to maintain the Greek culture in coming generations?
*  How can the Greek culture and traditions be used in dealing with today’s challenges?

*  Name, age and contact information. (Limited to ages 15-25)
*  Only one submission per individual.
*  Submissions  must be received by October 15, 2012.
Mail or deliver submissions to:        Greek-American Historical Museum
1515 E. Olin PL
Seattle, WA  98112
A hard copy (typed document or compact disc) will be required to become part of the Greek-American Historical Museum of Washington State collection.

AWARD ANNOUNCEMENT: By December 25, 2012.

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