Sretensky Monastery Choir to Perform in Seattle Oct 21st!!!

“The Sretensky Monastery Choir (FB)  will present a concert in Seattle, October 21 at 7 p.m. in Meany Hall.  This is considered one of the best church choirs in Russia.  For tickets to the Seattle performance, see

The Monastery is one of the most influential in all of Russia.  Its website is the most visited religious website in the Russian Federation.  “Sretensky” is derived from the Old Slavonic word for “meeting.”  The monastery is located at the spot where the people of Moscow met the famous Vladimir icon when it was brought from the city of Vladimir in 1395 at the time that Tamerlane was threatening Moscow.  According to legend, Tamerlane subsequently had a terrifying dream of the Mother of God and abandoned his efforts to conquer Moscow.

The English website of the choir is .  There is also a special page devoted by the choir to Bishop Amvrosij: .  The English website of the monastery itself is .

As part of its national tour, on October 15, 2012, the choir will sing in Carnegie Hall in NYC.  The poster for the Carnegie Hall concert is attached. See for full tour schedule. The foregoing website also has the excellent reviews by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal of the choir’s previous US tour.    From Seattle, the choir goes to SF, LA, and then Beijing!!  (Thank you Cliff for the info!!)

If I receive any additional updates on the Choir I will share it and then merge it with this post.

This is the poster from their Carnegie hall performance. If you click on it it will take you to their website

Update:  Washington Post Article on the Choir can be found here-Thank you to Anastasia for the info.

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5 Responses to Sretensky Monastery Choir to Perform in Seattle Oct 21st!!!

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  2. anastasia says:

    Great article about the choir in yesterday’s Washington Post:

    Also, there is a facebook page for this US tour: – “like” it to receive updates on their progress.

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  4. Anastasia, Thank you so much for the info. I thought people would be interested enough that I just published a post with it. Thank you again. Anthony

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