Feast of St Martin the Merciful in Pictures with Ordination to the Deaconate of Fr Athanasius

On Oct 13/25th The Feast of St. Martin the Merciful, bishop of Tours (397) was Celebrated at St Martin the Merciful Church in Corvallis with Archbishop Kyrill and Bishop Theodosius.  The NW was blessed to have a new Deacon Fr Athanasius  ordained on the Feast!  He is a member of St Silouan of Mt Athos in Walla Walla, Washington and will serve the same.  Many Years to the parishes of St Martin, St Silouan and to Fr Athansius, Matushka Sophia and all their Family.  The Pictures are being hosted by Holy New Martyrs in Mulino, OR/Русская Православная Церковь Приход святых новомучеников Российских  (FB) on their Facebook page, and have far more than I am including.  (Thank you to Fr Sergei and Dcn Athanasius for permission to post the pictures)

 HYMN OF PRAISE: Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours

St. Martin, a child of Pannonia,
And the great illuminator of Gaul,
Despised the earthly emperor’s honors,
And became a servant of the heavenly King.
The will of a powerful giant
Was in Martin’s merciful heart.
Martin sprinkled himself with ashes,
And on the ashes this humble one slept,
Out of love for his God-
Crucified for sinful men.
And Martin had crucified himself to the world
Solely to reach the goal!
Martin led the battle against demons,
Yielding to none of their temptations,
And led the battle against impudent men,
Against dark, dishonorable heresies.
Martin was a knight of Orthodoxy,
And a victor, wondrous and glorious.
With the battle won, the knight rests
With the angels close to Christ the King:
And yet even now he lifts up prayers,
And comes to the aid of those in peril.  From Mystagogy Website.

Ordination to Minor Orders Prior to Deaconate

The Great Entrance

“Ye holy Martyrs, who fought the good fight and hath received thy crowns: entreat ye the Lord, that he will have mercy on our souls.”  Choir Response during Ordination to the Deaconate

“Glory to thee, O Christ our God: the Apostles’ boast, the Martyrs’ joy, whose preaching was the consubstantial Trinity.”

The Orarion

“O Isaiah, dance thy joy, for a virgin was with child and hath borne a Son, Emmanuel, both God and Man and Orient is His name. Whom magnifying, we call the Virgin blessed.”

I am going to be in trouble for posting this one but it is my favorite. The deacon doesn’t look too happy and the Bishop a bit worried.

“Pray for him every day, that the Lord will make him a worthy servant of His Church and that he would in everything follow – as we ask in the prayer of ordination – the first deacon, the Protomartyr Stephen. Pray that he would become like Christ, just as Stephen became like Christ, that he would witness to Christ as Stephen did, and that he would enter into the peace of Christ, as Stephen did when he entered into the glory of God. Amen.”  Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom), Collected Homilies, 1993.  From St Nicholas Orthodox Church Website

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4 Responses to Feast of St Martin the Merciful in Pictures with Ordination to the Deaconate of Fr Athanasius

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  2. Sabrina says:

    I’ve been in that church several times. It’s tiny but very beautiful. Wish I could’ve attended that lituryg, but I had to work, alas. Still my priest at St. Anne’s the other Orthodox church in town represented us at the parish, so it’s all good.

  3. It is regretful that you missed it but I am glad to hear that your Priest did join in the Celebration. It is a beautiful little Church.

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