Protest Against Acquittal of Croation War Criminals Sunday Dec 9th, 2012 Vancouver, BC

Драге браћо и сестре,
Позивамо вас да нам се придружите у мирним протестима против срамнe хашке пресуде да се ослободе хрватски генерали и да се сјетимо жртава и прогнаних. Овај миранпротест ће се одржати у недељу 9. децембра у 15 часова код Vancouver Art Gallery.Надамо се да ћемо се сaкупити у што већем броју. Молимо вас да проширите ову вијест и позовете што више пријатеља да нам се придруже. Морамо подићи свијест и наше гласове, и не бојати се говорити истину о Србима и њиховим страдањима. Ово можемо урадити једино заједно, уједињени.
Молимо све вас који планирате да дођете да понесете заставе и да сте спремни на мирне протесте (заставе можете набавити у Српском дому при Цркви Светог Архангела Михаила). Ако планирате да донесете транспаренте, молимо вас не доноситетранспаренте који би могли да шире мржњу. Апеулујемо на све вас да не реагујете на било какве потенцијалне провокације током ових мирних протеста и да се не упуштате у политичке расправе. 
Ово је миран протест уз који желимо да покажемо канадској јавности и свијету наше не слагање са овом пресудом и да стојимо уз и да се сјећамо свих жртава и прогнаних који су страдали и још страдају као резултат ових злочина.
Ако је неко у могућности да помогне или ако имате нека питања или планирате да донесете транспаренте, пошаљите нам имејл на
Унапријед хвала,
Српска заједница из Ванкувера, Канаде

Dear brothers and sisters,
We are inviting you to јoin us in a peaceful protest against acquittal of Croatian war criminals and Hague’s selective justice. The protest will take place on Sunday,December 9th at 3pm in front of Vancouver Art Gallery. Please, spread this news and invite as many friends as you can to this protest. We need to raise awareness and our voices, and should not be afraid to speak the truth about the Serbian people and their sufferings. We can only do this together, united.
The purpose of the protest is to pay respect and to remember all of those who died as a result of the operation “Storm” in Croatia in 1995 and to those who were forced to leave their homes during that difficult time. We would also like to raise the awareness of Hague’s selective justice.
Those who plan to attend, please bring flags that you have and please be prepared for a peaceful protest (you can find flags in Serbian Home at the Saint Archangel Michael Church). If you plan to bring other protesting signs, please make sure that none of them spread hatred.We kindly ask you not to react to any potential provocations and not to go into any political discussions that could lead to a conflict. This is a peaceful protest to show Canadian public and world that we do not agree with Hague’s decision to acquit Croatian war criminals and that we remember and stand by all of the victims who died and those who were expelled from their homes and who suffered and still suffer as a result of these crimes.
We are deeply grateful to you and are looking forward to seeing you all at the protest!
If you can help or you have questions or you are planning to bring protesting signs, please send us email at
Thank you in advance,
Serbian community from Vancouver, Canada


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1 Response to Protest Against Acquittal of Croation War Criminals Sunday Dec 9th, 2012 Vancouver, BC

  1. This is the sort of thing that will literally undo the propositional nation-state in North America. Canada and the US intervene in centuries-old, inter-tribal conflicts they cannot comprehend, then invite the protagonists from both sides back home. This is extremely reckless social engineering. These protestors (and their counter-protestors) will never regard themselves as Canadian; they’re Serbs and Croats who happen to live in Canada. The Balkan war simmers on.

    Israelis and Palestinians, Shia and Wahabbis, Chechens and Russians, Kurds and Iraqis; the list is long and multiplying. The North American host governments will eventually lose control of their populations.

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