Encaustic Painting July 19-20, 2013 at Maryhill Museum of Art


Encaustic Painting July 19-20, 2013 at Maryhill Museum of Art

“Learn how heated beeswax and colored pigments can be used to versatile effect. Led by encaustic artists Manuela Kalestiantz and Robyn Anderson, participants will explore a variety of techniques, including encaustic coloring, layering, pouring, monoprinting and combining encaustic with other materials.  Cost: $300 members / $325 non-members. All supplies, lunch and snacks are included. Reserve with a $100 deposit by June 8.
Call 509 773-3733 or emaileducation@maryhillmuseum.org.”  Museum Announcement


Our Lord Jesus Christ the Pantocrator as depicted in the 6th Century at St Catherines Monastery Sinai, Egypt.

Editors note: This is not an Iconography class but an encaustic technique of  painting class.  (The Icon shown is not representative of what the workshop will be doing)   Some of the earliest Icons, many of which,  are no longer in existence, were painted in the encaustic technique. This technique was inherited from the Egyptians and was used for mummy portraits.  Of Course the most famous Icon of Our Lord Jesus Christ as Pantocrator; the Sinai Icon, was an encaustic Icon.  So I thought this artistic technique might be of interest to Orthodox Artists, Homeschoolers and History buffs in the area.

Maryhill Museum is beautifully located overlooking the Columbia River.  It is an impressive building with an interesting history.  Their permanent collection includes artifacts from Queen Marie of Romania and her Icon collection.  Well worth a visit.  St. John’s Greek Orthodox Monastery in Goldendale, Washington; a spiritual oasis located in Central Washington, is only 30 minutes away.

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3 Responses to Encaustic Painting July 19-20, 2013 at Maryhill Museum of Art

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  2. The Maryhill Museum, and the whole surrounding area, is a unique place. I would kill to build a home on the Gorge someday. Never seen anything like it.

  3. The Gorge is a majestic site. To be honest my favorite part of the Museum is the architecture and the view. The Stonehenge “Peace” Memorial is really worth a stop as well. I passed it a number of times and it was my loss. When I drive to Portland I prefer the Wa side with the state 2 lane highway vs the Interstate on the Oregon side. More fun and more scenic. Now if only I had a BMW!
    Thanks for writing!

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