St John the WonderWorker Orthodox Family Camp Update! Special Rates Extended thru July 15, 2013 and More Info About the Camp!


Great News! The special registration rates are being extended until June 15th!
Location: Sky Camp near Eugene
Dates: Monday July 22nd through Friday July 26th
Keynote Speaker: Hieromonk Fr. James Corazza Rector, Holy Virgin Cathedral (Old Cathedral) in San Fransisco
       “A Life of Your Own in Christ”
Family Camp Fares
    Single person $200 ($180)
    Two person family $390 ($350)
    Three person family $570 ($510)
    Maximum Rate four or more person family $590 ($530)
    Individual Day Rate $40
(Early registration fee is in the parentheses)



What is Family camp?

Family camp is an Orthodox camp for the whole family. It is an opportunity to gather with other Orthodox Christians of the Northwest and pray, learn, play, and fellowship together. There are activities for everyone: for the kids of all ages, talks for the adults, and an opportunity to make new friends and renew old friendships for all: There are fun activities for children, teens, young adults, parents, and grandparents.

Where is family camp?

The Family camp is located near Eugene Oregon at a beautiful lakeside Kiwanis camp.

Why go to family camp?

The St. John the Wonderworker Family Camp offers the opportunity to retreat from the world and set aside time for prayer, fellowship, classes, and other ways of building the Faith for those who may not have the resources or time to travel to a monastery or other place of pilgrimage. World-class speakers and teachers and helpers experienced with working with children contribute to a full experience of the Church in a beautiful wilderness setting. Every day we gather together to pray Matins, Vespers, and Compline and we always have a mid-week Divine Liturgy. We also have a special children’s Vespers, where the kids get a hands-on opportunity to participate in a service.

Family camp is also a fun place for children of all ages.  Children, teens and adults will have age appropriate seminars, activities and crafts in an environment that will build their understanding of the Orthodox faith.

Registrar at


Cesar Hadrian listening to the Charges against the Christians Family Camp From the Production of St Eustathios Placidas.  All the sets were painted by the performers.  2010 All Rights Reserved

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