“The tragic story of Fr. Vladimir Alexandrov” An Interesting and Sad Piece of Orthodox History in the Northwest

The tragic and  soap opera quality life of Fr Vladimir Alexandrov was told on the OrthodoxHistory.Org Website.   Spoiler Alert!  From the inadvertent and tragic death of his son, the running away of his wife with his assistant Priest, his beautiful appeal and forgiveness of his wife, to his becoming a Bishop in the ‘Soviet Living Church’.  Oh, there’s still more; His takeover of the Cathedral and the Laypeoples faithful stand against him, his conversion to Roman Catholicism as a Bishop sans congregation and death with little remembrance.  The story is well worth reading.  I was touched by his Loving, forbearance, and saddened by his eventual embitteredness and schism; (except by the Grace of God there go I -ed).

Please remember in your prayers:  Fr Vladimir, his wife Rose V, his son Nicholas and their daughter whose name was not mentioned in the article. Remember his former assistant Fr Vasily.  And of course pray for all the members of St Spiridon’s Cathedral both the living and those departed; May their Memory be Eternal.

St Spiridon Orthodox Cathedral Orthodox Church in America, Seattle WA

St Spiridon Orthodox Cathedral Orthodox Church in America, Seattle WA  (Picture Property of OrthodoxNorthwest-All Rights Reserved)

“The tragic story of Fr. Vladimir Alexandrov”

Fr. Vladimir Alexandrov was a priest in the Russian Mission in the late 19th and early 20th century. He began his career in 1896, as the choir director of the multiethnic St. Spiridon Church in Seattle, Washington. After his ordination in 1898 (or ’99), he remained in Seattle as the pastor of the church. It was there, in 1904, that tragedy struck. From the San Jose Evening News (January 28, 1904):  Click here for the full and engrossing article.

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