From Ocean to Ocean Pilgrimage In Defense of Human Life Bringing a Copy of the “Black Madonna Icon to Kirkland Wa July 9-10th

AfterFeast of Pentecost St. Macrina, grandmother of St. Basil the Great (4th c.)

The From Ocean to Ocean Pilgrimage In Defense of Human Life brings “a replica of the  world-famous “Black Madonna” icon (also known as Our Lady of Czestochowa) to Seattle’s Eastside in early July. The visit is one stop in a global pilgrimage that began in January 2012 and has encompassed 26 countries so far. The icon reached the U.S. in August 2013, and will continue to Central and South America after leaving the U.S. In Kirkland the icon will be displayed at St. Katherine Orthodox Church, 14216 132nd Ave, N.E., Kirkland, WA 98034, for two events – an Akathist (prayer service) on Wednesday evening, July 9 at 7 pm, and a Divine Liturgy Thursday morning, July 10 at 9 am.

This is part of a global tour of this magnificent replica icon, which is on a pilgrimage to visit Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches throughout the U.S., Europe, Russia, and Latin America. The purpose of the tour is to strengthen Orthodox and Catholic unity in defense of human life, and to increase awareness among the faithful for the urgency of the cause. Human Life International (HLI), a Catholic pro-life organization, is sponsoring the North American leg of the tour. Orthodox leaders, including Metropolitan Tikhon of the Orthodox Church in America and Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church, have endorsed the pilgrimage…”Black Madonna-StKatherineOrthodoxChurch-Press Release,  St.Katherine Orth Church-Icon Visit flyer

An explanation of the reason for the Pilgrimage here.  The Didaches ( teaching of the 12 on of the oldest Christian documents) teaching on how a Christian should live here.


Czestochowa Icon Image - Version 2

St.Katherine Orth Church-Icon Visit flyer

This Video shows the arrival to the Russian Cathedral in London.  (Not very good video quality)

Links in support of the Right to Life:

“All the sins against humanity, abortion, euthanasia, war, violence, and victimization of all kinds, are the results of depersonalization.” Excerpt of ArchPastoral Message  Metropolitan Jonah 2009

22 Week old during operation to repair Spina Bifida

22 Week old during operation to repair Spina Bifida

Please note OrthodoxNorthwest holds to Church tradition and does not advocate Joint prayer services with non Orthodox Christians.  But honoring the Mother of God in an Icon revered in East and West and asking for her assistance in pricking our consciences and turning us from darkness to light, seems only right.  Indeed the Roman Catholics in their efforts in support of the unborn has put us to shame.  Editor

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