New edition of Spiritual Spring/Весна духовная Dedicated to St John of SF Get Your Copy Now!

Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia: Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarit-sa Alexandra, Crown Prince Alexis, and Grand-duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia, and those martyred with them (1918).

Spiritual Spring (FB) the journal of the Western American Diocese of ROCOR is a a great resource to any parish regardless of jurisdiction especially for reaching out to those of Slavic background.  It is a bilingual magazine, with a beautiful layout, well written articles, that are both informative and inspiring.  I heartily endorse it.  Editor

“The Diocesan Journal “Spiritual Spring”

Just over a year ago a new journal appeared – “Spiritual Spring” – an official medium of the Western American Diocese.

“Spiritual Spring” is a periodical addressed not only to members of the Orthodox faith but anyone interested in learning more about Russia’s spiritual heritage. The magazine provides a variety of perspectives and experiences, appealing to a broad range of interests and demographics. Thematically, the journal covers all aspects of Orthodoxy in the modern world. Readers can find answers to issues they face in everyday life while enjoying a deeper exploration of Christianity’s rich and multifaceted history. The versatility of the magazine’s design seeks to strike a balance between the modern and secular world in a way which is uniquely Russian Orthodox yet accessible to readers with other beliefs, as well as those who are simply curious.”  An excerpt from the website.



“This special Commemorative Edition of our journal is wholly dedicated to the life and legacy of St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, just in time for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of his glorification from 27th-29th June 2014. The special edition is 131 pages long, and features never-before published correspondence between St. John and his parents and family; new photographs; historical reminiscenses and interviews with children raised by St John, as well as others; accounts of the opening of his incorrupt relics; news about current activities and associations that carry on his legacy; stories of St. John for children; and much, much more.

Supplies are limited, so order your copies now!”  (from website)

10376832_728409510553558_1682719825368436356_nTo subscribe or to order the commemorative issue to St. John click here:

Holy Hierarch John Pray to God for us!

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An Orthodox Christian, whose interests also include, GO, Square Dancing, hiking, exploring, swimming, kayaking, cooking, history, board games. I am the Editor of OrthodoxNorthwest which I hope benefits readers in the NW. I do post Romanian, Greek and Slavic info but I cannot read any of them - hey, I am an American. Would appreciate hearing from readers of the blog. Χριστός Ανέστη! (Anthony)
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