NW Priest Preparing for Mission to the Philippines-You Can Help!

Great-martyr Marina (Margaret) of Antioch in Pisidia (4th c.)

““By Divine Providence, the diaspora emerged in order that the light of Orthodoxy would shine throughout the world.” — St John of Shanghai and San Francisco

Open Air Liturgy with St John in Tubabao, the Philippines.

Open Air Liturgy with St John in Tubabao, the Philippines.

Sixty years ago, Saint John shepherded his flock of Russian refugees in the Philippines. Now a Russian Orthodox mission is working to share the fullness of the Faith. Here you’ll find information about the mission, news from the Philippines, and how you can help.” (from the Philippine ROCOR Mission Website) (FB)

Fr Silouan of St Silouan Orthodox Church in Walla Walla, Washington is preparing to move to the Philippines later this August for the Orthodox Mission there.  The website has far more information including, history, brief biographies of Mission leaders, community information, budget details etc….  Fr Silouan is planning to live simply and minister to the communities there.  But he does need your help both prayerful and financial.  Fr Silouan has been a faithful reader/cantor prior to his Ordination, and has regularly served daily services at the Church of Saint Silouan.  He will be greatly missed.

“Priest Silouan Thompson serves at Saint Silouan Orthodox Church, in Walla Walla, Washington USA.

As a young man, he studied in the Philippines, where he came to faith in Christ and learned the Cebuano language. Prior to becoming Orthodox in 1999, he worked in refugee resettlement and pastoral ministry, planting a Vietnamese-language mission and teaching English as a second language.

With the blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion, he has now been ordained to the priesthood to undertake missionary work in the Philippines. He is now raising funds to return to the Philippines.”  (quote from the website)

Philippine Mission from the Philippine Mission of ROCOR Website.  Please pray and think of financially supporting the mission.

Many Years to the Philippine Mission.  Photo from the Philippine Mission of ROCOR Website. Please pray and think of financially supporting the mission.


2014-05-31 Fr. Silouan's Ordination 048_2

Many Years Fr Silouan !!! (Previously posted photo on the day of his Ordination) Photo courtesy of John C. -many thanks and all rights reserved.

From a previous post:  Fr Silouan and St Silouan Parish were featured in a brief overview video by a student at Whitman College.  Commentary is provided by the parish Deacon Fr  Silouan.

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