Young Adult Gathering! Prophet Elijah Mission May 29-30, 2015 Ellensburg, WA


EveHoly Glorious Great-martyr, Victory-bearer and Wonderworker George (303).

 Prophet Elijah Mission in Ellensburg Washington is hosting another Young Adult Gathering.  Here is the Youth Gathering letter from the first Sept Gathering.  Youth Gathering at Goldendale May 29-30, 2015

Youth Gathering at Goldendale May 29-30, 2015-page-0

“So some things to take special note of:

1. We will begin the gathering on Friday evening, May 29th  beginning @ 6:00 PM at the ‘Grange Hall’ in downtown Goldendale. Here is the address: 228 E Darland Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620  and here is a link for directions:  We will eat dinner together, fellowship a bit, and then (if  most of the Priests are willing) we will each share for 5-10 minutes each, the influence that the monastic life has had on our churches, and us personally. Many of you are already very familiar with the Monastery in Goldendale, and/or monasticism in general, but perhaps for some of you, this is your first blessed exposure, and I think it would be good to discuss it a bit, before we visit on  Saturday morning.

2. We will NOT be staying at the Monastery Friday night, but rather at the homes of some families of the newly forming Antiochian Mission in Goldendale, as well other Orthodox
families who live close to the Monastery. PLEASE RSVP ME  (NOT the families in Goldendale) whether you are planning on coming, (even if you live in Goldendale), so we have ONE master list of who is attending, for the purposes of food preparation and sleeping arrangements. I will then email the families there who are are organizing this, so they can buy the proper amount of food, and divvy all of us out for a place to sleep that night. Please remember to bring a sleeping bag and pad!

3.  We will attend the Saturday morning Divine Liturgy at the Monastery.  Please take special note that there is a strict dress code on the Monastery grounds. Here is a link to read:       …We also plan on doing a little work on the Monastery  grounds before they serve us lunch and leave, so please bring….                          CHURCH CLOTHING and WORK CLOTHING, unless you want to get your nice clothing dirty!

4.   We will have the GREAT blessing of having the Abbess of the Monastery, Gerontissa Epfraxia, speak to us sometime before we all leave that morning. Besides the Divine Liturgy, this will be by far the highlight of this gathering, and I am sure something that will profoundly impact all of us!

5.   God-willing we will have at least 5 Priests joining us this time, and perhaps more. I am grateful to God that the Pacific Northwest has so many priests who are committed to the love and care and spiritual development of our Orthodox Young People, and willing to sacrifice much of there time to help inspire us all to constantly, (as Fr. Michael Dunaway said so  movingly in the homily at the wedding yesterday) “chase after Christ!”)

6.   And finally for now, if you would like to spend Saturday night at the Monastery, (if there is room, and you receive a blessing!) Please see this link:                   …and contact them directly well in advance!

Anyway, that’s it for now! Please RSVP to me as soon as you can whether you are planning on attending, and we will begin to make our preparations!

Knowing that I love you all dearly, and that our Sweetest Christ loves you infinitely more, I remain the unworthy Priest, Fr. Paul+ “

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