Attn Teens and Adults! Nativity Fast Retreat: “Sage Counsel: Lessons on Christian Living From the Proverbs” with Fr Josiah Trenham, Dec 8-9th, 2017 at Holy Cross in Yakima, WA

Nativity Fast-A Joyous Fast to All!

Holy Cross Parish in Yakima is sponsoring its annual Nativity Fast retreat.  The speaker Fr. Josiah is a college professor and Parish Priest of St Andrew’s in Riverside, California.  He is well known for his dynamic and compelling presentations.   He publishes a blog and newsletter called: The Arena that deals with the issues of modern world.

Holy Cross has sponsored several retreats over the last few years.  These talks by a number of different speakers include Mother Cassiana, Fr Dimitrios Carrallas, Fr Daniel Byantero, Constantine Zalalas, Fr John Bethancourt and Fr Josiah, to name a few, are archived on their website.

This months Fellowship of the Cross for Young Adults/Teens will be at this event.  Here is the information from the email regarding that.

“Attached below is the flyer for the Retreat in Yakima in 2 weeks from this Friday, with Fr. Josiah. We are joining “forces” again this year between The Fellowship young people and the regular Retreat attendees that will come. The Retreat flyer below gives you all the necessary info, except that there will be a dinner for the young people traveling from afar before the 1st session on Friday…and please remember to still bring a sleeping bag and pad, and $5.00 to help pay for your meals… (and a little extra, if you wish to help defray the cost of the Retreat!)

Because my dear Kh. Thekla is having hip replacement surgery in Wenatchee on December 6th, the Feast of St. Nicholas, I will be unavailable for the first time to help coordinate this month’s Fellowship, as far as housing, food, etc. are concerned, as I will be busy with other loving domestic duties!:-)

So John Coffman from Yakima has graciously volunteered to be the “point-man” for emails, and will work with Kh. Sophia Copeland and others from Holy Cross Church , in helping you find a place to stay!

So please begin to respond to: JOHN COFFMAN

ASAP….. to….. RSVP if you are planning on coming!

And, any questions for now, email him too! With much love in Christ, Fr. Paul+  ”





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