Upcoming Marches for Life for 2018

 Sviatki. Fast-free Forefeast of the Theophany.  St. Genevieve of Paris (502).   A Joyous Feast to All!

(please note as I learn of more events this post will be updated accordingly)

Holy Resurrection Parish in Tacoma fb will be marching and carrying the banner for Orthodox Christians in Olympia, Washington Jan 22nd March for Life.

from the bulletin of the Prophet Elijah Mission in Ellensburg.

¨Join us in Olympia on Jan. 22nd at the State Capitol. People usually gather near the
Winged Victory statue, and march through the capitol’s courtyard around 11:30 a.m. A
program in the sanctity of life will begin at 12:00 noon on the Capitol steps. The local
S a n c t i t y o f L i f e F A Q p a g e : http://www.washingtonmarchforlife.org/p/faq.html
We will form a carpool at the church parking lot, leaving no later than 10:30 a.m. on the
22nd. Our parish is the custodian of the Orthodox banner that we carry in Olympia.
You’ll find the Orthodox gathered aroundthat banner. We’ll see you there!
A Prayer for the Sanctity of Life (Source: Orthodox Church in America)
O Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son, Who art in the bosom of the Father, True
God, source of life and immortality, Light of Light, Who came into the world to enlighten
it: Thou wast pleased to be conceived in the womb of the Virgin Mary for the salvation of
our souls by the power of Thine All-Holy Spirit. O Master, Who camest that we might
have life more abundantly, we ask Thee to enlighten the minds and hearts of those
blinded to the truth that life begins at conception and that the unborn in the womb are
already adorned with Thine image and likeness; enable us to guard, cherish, and protect
the lives of all those who are unable to care for themselves. For Thou art the Giver of
Life, bringing each person from non-being into being, sealing each person with divine
and infinite love. Be merciful, O Lord, to those who, through ignorance or willfulness,
affront Thy divine goodness and providence through the evil act of abortion. May they,
and all of us, come to the life of Thy Truth and glorify Thee, the Giver of Life, together
with Thy Father, and Thine All-Holy and Life-giving Spirit, now and ever and unto
ages of ages. Amen.” From the Holy Resurrection January Newsletter.


¨His Holiness Orthodox Metropolitan of Belgrade, Serbian Patriarch Irenaeus spoke about pressing moral issues of today’s society, in his annual Christmas interview for TV Hram.¨




For Thou hast possessed my reins; O Lord, Thou hast holpen me from my mother’s womb.  I will confess Thee,  for awesomely art Thou wondrous; marvelous are Thy works, and my soul knoweth it right well.


A talk from Fr Josiah on the West Coast Right to Life Walk and other Activities around the Nation on AFR.

“All the sins against humanity, abortion, euthanasia, war, violence, and victimization of all kinds, are the results of depersonalization.” Excerpt of ArchPastoral Message  Metropolitan Jonah 2009


My Bone is not hid from Thee, which Thou madest in secret; nor my substance in the nethermost parts in of the earth.

My being while it was still unformed Thine eyes did see, and in Thy book shall all men be written; day by day they are formed, when as yet there be none of them.  Psalm 138: 10- 15

The National Right to Life March will be held in Washington, DC on Friday, 19th, 2018.

Here are some Links for the support of Life.  These will be included in the links on the side.

Birthright International “We Love them Both” Find a local location near you.  They assist pregnant women during pregnancy and after.

National Right to Life

Washington State March for Life (FB)

Orthodox March for Life (FB)

Human Life of Washington

January 22, 2013: The 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (Statement of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America)

NoAbort.net a Russian Language site by a Russian Orthodox in the NW.

Zoe for Life!  An Orthodox Christian Initiative


O Virgin, Theotokos whose Womb was more spacious than the Heavens; Pray for us.

As Orthodox Christians, we strongly affirm the value and sanctity of all human life, from the moment of conception to the final breath one takes.” Excerpt of ArchPastoral Message Metropolitan Jonah 2010


22 Week old during operation to repair Spina Bifida

“Thus, however we have sinned, we can be forgiven. Whether we have aborted a child, or consented to it, we can be forgiven. If we bear a child as a single mother, we can be accepted in the community of the Church with love. If we have judged and condemned others, and burn with resentment, we can be freed through repentance. No matter what we have done, no matter how broken we are or how completely we have messed up our lives, we can be healed, forgiven, accepted and loved. And then maybe we can forgive ourselves, and attain to that true freedom.” Excerpt of ArchPastoral Message Metropolitan Jonah 2011 

Below is the Documentary the Silent Scream.  It is narrated by the one time Abortionist, and pusher for its legalization Bernard Nathason MD.  Who repented of his former way of life and eventually became a Roman Catholic Christian.  It is not for very young viewers.  But it does belie the lie that the fetus is not just a blob of tissue.


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