Warning Will Robinson! OrthoNW getting ready to be back online…

Forefeast of the Annunciation.
Venerable Zacharias the Recluse of Egypt (4th c.).

Hello Dear Readers,

Thank you for your prayers and for those who did not offer thank you for just surviving!  It has been a very busy last few weeks.  I have internet access again.  Kind of anyway.   And I have dealt with my moms illness and passing away.  Of course there are still lots of loose ends and other things to do but time to get back to normal.  Well normal for me anyhow.  Also I have been in the process of moving.  So life has been a bit hectic.  I plan to start posting tomorrow and the upcoming week please be patient.  And yes I am still in need of coeditors!

Your prayers


About editorOrthodoxNorthwest

An Orthodox Christian, whose interests also include, GO, Square Dancing, hiking, exploring, swimming, kayaking, cooking, history, board games. I am the Editor of OrthodoxNorthwest which I hope benefits readers in the NW. I do post Romanian, Greek and Slavic info but I cannot read any of them - hey, I am an American. Would appreciate hearing from readers of the blog. Χριστός Ανέστη! (Anthony) editorOrthodoxNorthwest@gmail.com
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6 Responses to Warning Will Robinson! OrthoNW getting ready to be back online…

  1. Dn. Alexei says:

    Thank you for your work brother!

  2. Toni Sullivan says:

    I was thinking of you and your website just yesterday, Tony, and wondering how you were managing and when you would be back. So timely. Glad to hear from you. God bless you and all your efforts to keep us informed. Toni Sullivan/Butte, MT’s Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church

    • Toni Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! I do appreciate it. I just did the first real post in a while.

      If u know anyone who might be interested in coediting for Montana and Idaho that would be simple splendid! That geographical area would be easy to manage even for someone with not too much extra time. : )

      Please keep me in your prayers. I hope one day to visit your neck of the woods. And see your historic Church. Btw it is featured in the Pilgirmage page.

      Wishing you a Joyous Lent!

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