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Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God 2010

Holy Trinity Church, Wilkeson, Wa-1900 oldest Orthodox Church in the NW. (Copyrighted photo all rights reserved)

Welcome to Orthodox Northwest!

A blog/bulletin board dedicated to events, places and people of interest to Orthodox Christians living in the Northwest.   It will include such things as festivals, special services, occasional interviews, featured parishes, retreats, charitable outreaches and pictures of our Orthodox Christian Community, to name a few.

It will not be a blog that deals with my views on  Church politics, spirituality, or daily inspirational quotes.  Perogies not politics I like to say.  (There is a place for all of the above but not here)

We are numerically small, jurisdictionally divided, politically insignificant, and dispersed over a significant area, it is the goal of this blog to bring us a little closer together.

Please forward any events that your parish, mission or fellowship group has upcoming so they can be listed.  Also your patience is requested, as this is my first blog and I have a ways to go on the learning curve.  The above was written quite a while ago, but patience is still required! : ))  This is a labour of love, and I could really use coeditors.  The money is not great but hopefully it will be useful!  Please contact me if interested!  6/28/19

Asking your prayers

Anthony Editor                                                                                                                   editorOrthodoxNorthwest@gmail.com

For those who want an event posted please send information and a return email.  I will be happy to link your parish and put up pictures etc of your event, flier etc…    That is just as soon as I learn how!  (PDF files and JPEG are so far some of the easiest for me to use for posting)

Answers to Non Frequently Asked Questions:  (such as how can I help, post an item etc…)

If you would be interested in being a regional or ethnic language (read & write any of the following Greek, Romanian, Slavic languages – Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Arabic or Georgian) coeditor please let me know!  Some English Majors have mentioned that I could also use someone versed in English grammar as well.  So the call is out for coeditors!

Please tell your Orthodox friends of this site via email, facebook etc...  The site is only as useful as the number of people who read it and who submit info.  Also please tell your Priest about it, parish website links are greatly appreciated as is a mention in the parish bulletin or parish bulletin email lists.

Finally if there is something special about your parish you would like to share don’t hesitate to write it up so it can be posted.

Explanation of terms and rules for posting:

Orthodox Christian refers to membership in the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church of the 7 Ecumenical Councils.  Events included here will be in support of it’s mission and the traditional Orthodox Christian Life.

Northwest includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, Western Montana, oh why not of all of Montana, there aren’t many parishes there.  Alaska is not included although it is Northwestern, and definitely has Orthodox Christians, it is too large, too distant and too unique to be covered here.  It deserves its own Orthodox Alaska site.  Any takers?  If your west of the Mississippi and have a significant event I will definitely consider it.  Occasionally significant events that occur elsewhere that may be of benefit to Northwesteners will be posted.  In particular instructional events and music conferences such as the Rocor Summer Music School.

Events are something out of the ordinary.  Such as concerts, retreats, charitable activities, speakers, parish Slavas, festivals, Hierarchical Liturgies and visitations, summer camps, youth activities etc…

Occasionally this site may feature events and Churches from other Christian communities particularly Eastern Churches that would be of interest to Orthodox Christians.  Such as an Armenian food festival, or an Ethiopian Icon exhibit etc…

Finally I have been asked why this is on the old traditional calendar.  My response can be found here.

This blog is dedicated to St John of San Francisco may his prayers protect, preserve and unify us all.

35 Responses to Welcome & contact info.

  1. Melinda Johnson says:

    Dear Anthony Editor,
    I would like to send some information, but I don’t see an email address here to which I can send it. Did I miss it? Could you tell me what it is?
    Thank you,

  2. Christ is Baptised!
    In the river Jordan!

    Hello Anthony –

    Thanx for your great blog pertaining to
    us Orthodox Christians here in the NW!
    It’s needed, and encouraging, in the fast paced world, to know how
    many brothers and sisters are out here in the Pacific Northwest.
    And to top it off – our Church here in Eugene, Oregon
    is dedicated to the ever present ‘shepherd’
    St. John Maximovitch – which your blog is too!
    That is what is leading to my first request;
    The Church’s link to the right (in the Oregon Parishes column)
    you have our ‘url’ as http://users.rio.com/bamm/ST.JOHN/index.html

    Our current url is http://users.riousa.com/bamm/ST.JOHN/index.html
    (notice the oldrio.com… – NOW it’s …riousa.com…).

    PLUS the link that has our Deacon Daniel Mackay article,
    ( https://orthodoxnorthwest.wordpress.com/2010/10/19/eugene-newspaper-article-about-local-deacon-from-sept-5-2010/ )
    has the old …rio.com… link to our Church as well.

    Thanx so much for your hard work and consideration
    for these revisions.

    Mark Jaquette
    Parishioner of St. John’s in Eugene, Oregon

    • Spasiba, thank you for notifying me of the broken links, they were repaired yesterday. Thank you also for your support, I appreciate hearing from both of my readers. I had no idea till I started working on this blog how many parishes there were in the NW, there were far more than I expected. I hope this blog can be of use to many readers. Pax and I hope to see you if we get to visit your parish this summer!

  3. Gabriella says:

    I noticed our parish wasn’t listed as a Church in Oregon. We are: Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church, PO Box 823, Ashland,OR 97520. Phone: 541-488-3748
    We are an OCA Mission Parish and have been here for over 10 years. Our email address is: st_gabriel_orth@yahoo.com
    Please add us to your list of Churches in Oregon.

    • Happy Maslenitsa!

      Hello Gabriella,

      Mea culpa. It was an unintentional oversight, you know good help is so hard to find. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention, it has been rectified.
      Please let me know of any future events, special occassions at your parish that I can post for others. Also if you would just like to post some pictures of your parish with a little history, and current life at our parish I will be happy to post it.

      Now a shameless plug. Please share this site with others!

      Wishing you a Joyous Maslenitsa and Lent!


  4. stdemetriosfestival says:

    Please add a link to St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Seattle WA

    • Ooooooppppps! How did I miss St Demetiros? As I said before good help is so hard to find. It is corrected and thank you so much for letting me know of my oversight. Please keep me informed of happenings at the parish.

  5. stdemetriosfestival says:

    Here is the link for our festival September 16, 17,18, 2011.

    Click to access St%20d%20poster%202011%208%20X%2011.pdf

    Thanks for a great website!

    • The Post is in draft form and will be posted about 3 weeks prior to the fest and be a sticky. Lots of parishes are having events this time of year so I try to to give each of them a couple of days at the top of the site. Thank you so much for the info! Keep it coming. Anthony

  6. ionut says:

    Rugam pe Milostivul Dumnezeu sa va daruiasca sanatate,bucurie sfanta si revasare de har pestefamilia dumneavoastra.Noul an sa va aduca prosperitate,implinirea dorintelor de bine si deplina sanatate,
    Bucuria se naste in inimile curate pacea seodihneste in sufletul brazdatde frumusetea credintei,intelepciunea coboara peste sufletul smerit iar virtutile se sadesc prin lucrarea ogorului sufletului ,toate acestea sa se naca si in sufletul nostru prin iubirea de hristos cel ce naste in ieslea betleiemului,nasca-se prin frumusete si o dara de lumina din lumina lui hristos cea vesnica…La Multi Ani in 2012

  7. George's Daughter says:

    I will be interested to see how this unfolds. I miss the Wilkeson services when we had no heat, and everyone wore smiles in the cold, and you could see the breath from our voices as we sang the liturgy.

    • Christ is Born!
      Greetings Cheerfule. Thank you for the small glimpse into the life of the Wilkinson Parish, (Holy Trinity the oldest in the NW). I will contact you via email to see if you have any more info or pictures of the parish. Anthony

      • Sylvia Taylor says:

        Patrick Barnes suggested that I contact you about posting an announcement for an iconography workshop opportunity on the West Coast, being taught by Ksenia Pokrovsky. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to send you the flyer and info to your email address. Please forward.

  8. Mariana Covaci says:

    I am new in Bozeman, and will like to attend service. The only trouble is that I couldn’t find anywhere your address on this website.


  9. Greetings Mariana, Good Resurrection to you! There is a parish St Anthony’s in Bozeman. Here is the link I hope this answers your question. My Gmail is editorOrthodoxNorthwest@gmail.com .

  10. Just discovered your site. Very informative as I am considering moving up to Southern British Columbia, USA (Idaho, Oregon, Washington to those of you in this reality). As such it would probably be the Spokane area and I noticed you do not have listed the parish I would probably be attending:
    Saint Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church (Western Rite Vicariate) http://www.spokaneorthodox.com/

    • Greetings Mr Markovich,

      I have heard of Northern Mexico but not of Southern British Columbia… Based on Demographics, I think the Queen will have to learn Spanish. : )
      Glad you like the site. I hope it comes in useful! Wherever you land I wish you Many Years!

      Thank you for the tip on the omission.


  11. Thank you, Anthony, for your blog. My wife and I live in N CA and are planning on relocating to WA perhaps next Spring. Your blog provides a welcoming feeling, providing a great means for us to find a new parish home when the time comes. Many years!
    Anthony Douglass

    • Greetings Mr Douglass to you and your wife, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad you find the site useful. It really is an inspiration to me to hear that somebody appreciates this beast of a website.
      I look forward to hearing where you land, there are a number of fine parishes in WA and of course the NW is an amazing area to live.
      God Bless! Your Prayers.

  12. Nektaria Fortier says:

    Please post this attachment on Orthodox Northwest:

  13. Greetings, I did receive an email and just posted the announcement! I had some trouble with the Wordfile so I just used the email announcement. Thank you for all your work for the camp, may it be Blessed.


  14. Matthew the Wayfarer says:

    After several years you still haven’t added Saint Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church (WESTERN RITE) Spokane, Wa. to your lists – ANY LIST. Bigoted much?

    • Greetings Matthew,

      I gave serious consideration to adding the site, and did some perusing of Western Rite sites and additional research. At this time I have not added it nor do I plan to at this time.

      Am I bigoted against Western Christianity? Absolutely not. As a matter of fact I respect it very much. I actually respect its genuine heritage enough to realize that some of its theology, liturgics, and prayer life are radically different than the ethos, and beliefs of the Orthodox Church.

      Very simply I do not believe the so called Western Rites express the faith of our Orthodox Heritage. A thousand years have passed, we have diverged. The western rites are not genuine in that they are not handed down. Ultimately I believe very simply the western rites as they are experienced today weaken our self identity. They increase the idea that we choose what Liturgy we like, what we think is best. They appeal neither to the Orthodox nor to most Roman Catholics and not apparently to most Anglicans who feel most at home under Rome, as is noted by how many have returned to it under its Pastoral Provision.

      If you wish to discuss my reasons further you may email me. I do not wish to engage in polemics on this site and will not discuss it further here.

      Thank you for taking the time to engage me and for caring enough to write. I am sorry we disagree, but there it goes. I ask your prayers.

      Anthony editor OrthodoxNorthwest

  15. Zane says:

    This is a wonderful site with great resources. I did find that the parish I attend is not listed on the site. St. Herman of Alaska in Langley, BC This is a very vibrant parish that has many connections to other parishes in the Northwest. We would love to be listed on your site.

  16. Robin Hornsby says:

    I am looking for an Orthodox cemetery to bury my mother and father in. Are there any in Northeastern Washington or Northern Idaho?

    • Greetings Mr Hornsby,

      First may I offer my condolences, and prayers. Eternal Memory.

      I do not know of any Orthodox cemeteries in the NE Washington/Idaho area. I think the best people to ask are Fr Stephen at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox in Spokane, or Fr William at St Johns in Post Falls. Also the nuns in Goldendale, Washington might have a cemetery. If you learn of one and have info to share please let me know.

      Thank you for reading the site I am sorry I cannot be more helpful.

      Asking your prayers.


      • Zane Green says:

        If you need any advice on Orthodox funerals, please feel free to email me agentzane@gmail.com. I am an Licensed Funeral director/embalmer. I live in Aldergrove, BC. I’m an American that is origianally from Portland Oregon. I became a funeral director to help our Orthodox communities.

  17. akj says:

    Could you add our new parish, Holy Apostles (12+70) Mission Station, in Chilliwack BC to your list? We don’t have a physical meeting place yet, but we plan to begin services early February! Our web site is orthodoxchilliwack.org.

    Thanks for your ministry and prayers!


    • Christ is Born!

      Thank you just added!

      Please consider adding a link to OrthodoxNorthwest and letting fellow parishioners know of the site. It is only as useful as events posted and people reached… Thank you.
      Asking your prayers.

  18. Please list St. Innocent of Moscow, 3382 Carlton St., Silverdale, Wa 98383. We are a mission of the Western Diocese of ROCOR.
    Also, we have an upcoming Maslenitsa event. All are welcome! February 21 st, from 10AM to 2PM.
    Many thanks,
    Eugenie Osmun

  19. Fr Deacon Seraphim says:

    Glory Be to Jesus Christ! Dear In Christ, Anthony, I was wondering if you know where I might be able to obtain a copy of “The Russian Old Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in Znamenny Chant” 2 CDs? New or Used. I have a dear friend who had one a few years ago, and he is in the Navy stationed at sea, and he would like to get a copy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. In Christ, Fr Deacon Seraphim

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