Mission Page (WIP)


Holy Glorious Prophet Elias (Elijah) (9th c. B.C.)


Elijah’s Mantle (FB) is a new and practical ministry based at St Tikhon’s Seminary in Pennsylvania.  While it is not based in the NW, the NW does have a number of missions, in various stages of development, that need a variety of items.  So it seems an appropriate post, also providentially it is the Feast of St Elijah.  (As it is the Feast of St Elijah don’t forget to hike a hill and have a picnic.)   Thank you to Kenyon Theophan Mackay for the inside scoop.  


Elijah’s Mantle is a conduit for used and excess liturgical items to be reused by other churches and missions as they are needed. It relies completely on donations from churches with excess, churches that are closing, and clergy that have reposed or retire. It accepts items such as cassocks, vestments, icons, liturgical books, and liturgical utensils. It does not accept things which need extensive repair or which are not serviceable. The items received are made available to any church, mission, or clergy who requests them (as long as they are part of the Orthodox Faith) for the cost of shipping the items.
Items that are donated and shipped to Elijah’s Mantle are stored at Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in South Canaan, Pennsylvania, and cared for by students of the seminary.”  (From the Website)



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