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“A Nation on the Brink” a Reflection from Abbot Tryphon June 2020

Entrance of St. Nina (Nino), Equal-to-the-Apostles, into Georgia (323) (Georgia). Monk-martyrs and confessors John, Conon, Jeremias, Cyril, Theoctistus, Barnabas, Maximus, Theognostus, Joseph, Gennadius, Gerasimus, Mark, and Herman of Cyprus, who suffered under the Latins (1231). We all know of the wrongful death … Continue reading

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PAN-ORTHODOX MUSIC SYMPOSIUM TO GO ONLINE IN JUNE 2020 Registration open for New York-based event!

Christus Resurrexit! – Vere Resurrexit!  Hristos a Inviat! – Adevarat a Inviat!  Христосъ Bоскресе! Tuesday April 28, 2020 / April 15, 2020 Radonitsa, or Day of Rejoicing. Commemoration of the Dead. Tone one. Apostles Aristarchus, Pudens, and Trophimus of the Seventy (67).  New … Continue reading

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